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VIRGIN SHEA BUTTER BLEND - Pure, Natural & Fair Trade

Just pure virgin unrefined Shea Butter (80%) whipped with balancing golden jojoba, calming calendula & healing organic chamomile

Virgin Shea Butter Extremely versatile moisturiser
Perfect for anyone with dry skin
Great on dry skin patches, cracked heals, nappy rashes on babies, allergy rashes, even eczema and psoriasis
Absolutely no chemicals, preservatives and artificial additives
Just pure, virgin & fair trade Shea Butter enriched with natural oils

Our whipped shea butter blend is a very rich butter, you will only need a small amount at a time. It is a little hard in consistency to start off with but if you allow it to melt in your hand you will be able to easily apply to the affected skin.

Our virgin shea butter is rich & creamy, packed with vitamins A, E & F. It is the African treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, itching, insect bites & skin blemishes. Shea Butter is also applied to protect the skin from the elements & is thought to possess its own sunblocking powers. Ideal for parched, hungry or eczema prone skin it is also great for rubbing into babies bottoms! Unrefined, unbleached & totally unadulterated, this wildcrafted & fairly traded shea butter is free from any chemical processing and retains all its natural goodness, creamy colouring & natural nutty aroma. Our virgin shea butter is radically different from the commonly used hard white shea butter, which has unfortunately been processed with chemicals and does not contain the same nutrients!

Ingredients: virgin shea butter (butyrospermun parkii), calendula oil (calendula officinalis), golden jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), organic chamomile essential oil (matricaria chamomilla) and nothing else.

Available in 15, 60 & 120 ml jars

Vegan ProductCruelty Free - No Animal Testing


Our virgin shea butter is also available in its raw form (just cut from the block & wrapped), please check out the Beauty Basics section.

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