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Vegan Skin Care Range

Vegan Skin Care range certified by the Vegan Society

Handmade Naturals is an all natural and vegan friendly skin care range, formulated using only nature derived ingredients

Our extensive natural skin care range not only uses no synthetic or chemical ingredients, but all our products are 100% natural and suitable for vegans because we do not use animal derived ingredients either (with exception to lip balms and one of our soap bars due to beeswax / honey content). You will find no tallow in our soaps. Even our glycerine is plant based, and palm oil free.

Our entire range is also made by hand (from scratch!) and every single ingredient is natural.

Certified Vegan Skin Care Range by the Vegan Society

We are one of very few truly natural, vegan & cruelty free brands available in the UK. What makes us different is the fact that you won't find any hidden synthetic ingredients or chemical preservatives in our own brand products.

Natural, Organic, plant-based & cruelty free Body Care Products
Vegan Body Care Products

Our natural body care range includes body lotions, body butters, body oils, natural deodorants, intimate care products and a wide range of natural sulphate free body washes and bath gels

Explore our plant-based Body Care range

Natural, Organic, Plant-based & cruelty free Face Care Products
Vegan Face Care Products

Our all natural face care range includes facial cleansers, natural foaming face washes, face creams, facial moisturizers, eye creams, face masks and even organic dental care products free from animal derived products

Explore our plant-based Face Care range

Natural, Organic, Vegan friendly & cruelty free Hair Care Products
Vegan Hair Care Products

Our hair care range includes plant based sulfate free hair shampoos, hair treatments, silicone free hair conditioners, hair serum and hair styling products

Explore our plant-based Hair Care range

Natural, Organic, Vegan & cruelty free Baby Care Products
Vegan Baby Care Products

Our baby care range includes natural baby washes, sls free baby shampoo, baby soap and bath gels, nappy cream, baby lotions, wipes and baby dental care products, all free from animal by-products

Explore our Plant-based Baby Care range

Natural, Organic, Vegan & cruelty free Men Care Products
Vegan Men Care Products

Our natural men care range includes aftershave balm for men, plant-based shaving cream & gels, mens hair & body washes, mens handmade soaps and we even stock a soy candle for men

Explore our plant-based Men Care range

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