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baby moisturisers

Your baby's skin is very thin and very sensitive, so it makes sense to be extra careful regarding the products you use to moisturise with. 

 The best products to go for are the pure oils - our baby oil, pure coconut or peach kernel, or any of the butters providing your baby isn't sensitive to essential oils. The oils are also suitable for baby massage, which is very calming to your baby and it allows extra special time for bonding with both mummy or daddy.

If your mornings are rushed, you may want to use a lotion. We offer 2 unscented lotions, which are perfect for your baby from birth and are the best choice for skin prone to eczema. If essential oils are not irritating your baby's skin, our Mandarin & Chamomile lotion smells amazing and it is also calming and soothing to your baby's senses, and yours too :)

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