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Our selection of specially formulated natural skin care products for men. 

In addition to our dedicated products - the Aftershave Balm, Beard Oil and the Hair & Body Wash -  most of the products in the range are suitable for men, so please feel free to grab anything you fancy from the main shop pages. 

Everybody has their own individual routine and most of you probably never moisturise, despite putting your face through so much 'abuse' by daily (or almost) shaving. If you suffer from dry or irritated skin would certainly benefit from a soothing moisturiser, like the Calendula & Aloe Aftershave Balm, which will not only replenish lost moisture after shaving or face washing, but will also calm any irritations or existing shaving rashes. If you don't shave, you still need to look after your skin and beard, so why not check out our Beard Oil - it doubles as a moisturiser, and even triples as a scalp conditioner.

In this section, we also offer natural shaving soap by Dr Bronner. We basically got you covered!

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