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Natural Sulfate free Shampoo & Hair Cleansing Products

All natural, vegan & cruelty free range of hair cleansers / shampoos free from sulfates, silicones and chemical additives

Natural SLS FREE Herbal Shampoos for Dry Hair, Oily Hair, Sensitive Scalp, as well as Psoriasis & AntiDandruff blends

Care for your hair naturally with our gentle Sulfate Free Herbal Shampoos for all hair types and conditions, including dry flaky scalp, eczema & psoriasis. Our herbal hair cleansing products are formulated with coco glucoside, a gentle cleansing ingredient derived from corn and coconut oil, and are naturally sulphate free. We add no synthetic ingredients, chemicals, silicone, parabens or fragrances. Enriched with organic Aloe Vera for its moisture retaining properties.

All shampoos part of our natural & silicone free hair care range are 100% natural, vegan certified and handmade here in the UK

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