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When it comes to face cleansing, there is something for all skin care types in here - a gentle foaming facial wash for problem skin, moisturising face wash for dry & mature skin or unscented face wash for super sensitive skin, as well as gentle alcohol free toners to tone and refresh your face. 

Both our face cleansing lotions - Rose, Hemp & Jojoba and Plum & Avocado - are excellent at removing impurities and waterproof make up, including mascara. They also double up as a light all around moisturisers (face, hands or body) should you ever find yourself away from home with just 1 bottle in your handbag. 

We also offer an award winning face cleansing oil, which will not only remove waterproof mascara and foundation, but will also feed your skin. 

If you wish to exfoliate your skin ( we recommend that you don't do that more often than once a week), you could check out our Sweet orange & Bamboo Exfoliating cream. It would leave your skin fresh, cleansed and super smooth with no sign of dryness whatsoever.

In this section we've added some face care basics too, such as a fantastic facial loofah pad for gentle natural exfoliation, bamboo wash cloth, organic cotton wool pads, facial wipes and 100% vegetable konjac sponges.

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