Handmade Purely from Nature Derived Ingredients, No Parabens, No harsh detergents, No petrochemicals Handmade Naturals, Pure Skin & Hair Care


A selection of natural, mild and non-drying sulphate free Shower & Bath Gels, enriched with organic Aloe Vera. No chemical nasties such as SLS, ALS, colours, artificial perfumes or perfumes. All our shower gels are based on a sugar based foaming ingredient, known as 'coco glucoside'.

Our shower & bath gels are available in various scents or completely unscented for this of you, who are allergic and cannot tolerate essential oils. Our unscented products are suitable for use during pregnancy.

And for those that love soaking in the bath, we have Pink Himalayan Salts and 3 types of Dead Sea Salts - all wonderfully soothing on the skin. For a special treat why don't you pop a bath bomb into your bath - we have various scents, surely there is one you would like.

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