Handmade Purely from Nature Derived Ingredients, No Parabens, No harsh detergents, No petrochemicals Handmade Naturals, Pure Skin & Hair Care


Keep your skin soft & supple with our fabulously moisturising Fair Trade Virgin Shea Butter blend, Shea & Coconut Butter, Shea Body Butter, pure Virgin Organic Coconut Oil or Virgin Cocoa Butter blend with a fantastic natural chocolate scent. 

If you prefer oils to butters, you could try our Palmarosa & Geranium Body Oil, a superb blend of skin caring cold pressed oils or there are a number of unscented base oils in the Beauty Basics section of the shop. 

Our organic Comfrey & Shea Butter balm with Ginger, Eucalyptus & Rosemary will soothe achy muscles and painful joints, naturally.

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