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Natural, Organic, Vegan & cruelty free Body Lotions & Moisturisers

All natural, vegan & cruelty free hand & body lotions hand-blended purely from natural ingredients

Lighter & easily absorbed lotions and body moisturisers

We make 2 blends making sure there is something for everyone. If you are fine with nut oils, then you may wish to consider our Cocoa, Almond & Plum Kernel Hand & Body Lotions - available in unscented or scented with Lavender & Lemongrass. However, if you struggle with nut oils then you could check out our Grapeseed, Moringa & Baobab Hand & Body Lotions, also available as unscented or with organic Chamomile & Mandarin oils. All our body lotions are suitable for use all over. 

A slightly more heavy duty product is our Nourishing Hand Cream, which can also be applied anywhere on the body, including the feet. However we do make a special cream to keep your feet are in tip top shape, so check out our Refreshing Foot Cream - a light moisturiser formulated to refresh and soften the skin on your feet as well as heels.

For those who wish to give their skin a little bit of colour, or to maintain their holiday tan, we make a 100% Natural Self Tanning Cream with plum kernel, jojoba and shea butter, with added DHA from beet canes to do the magic.

In this section we've included a Special Care Muscle massage cream made with the Indian Ayurvedic oil, Mahanarayan - it's a sesame oil infused with over 30 special herbs and is excellent at providing relief from overworked, tired and even lightly injured muscles and tendons. It's a great natural alternative product to commercially available muscle rubs and creams.

All our natural skin care products including the Hand & Body lotions featured here are vegan, cruelty free and handprepared here in the UK

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