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We are moving ....
We have another winner!
We say goodbye to Grapefruit Seed Extract
New Packaging for 2013
GP Natural Beauty Awards 2012 - Day Moisturiser Winner
Easter Holidays
Face Cleansing Oil with Japanese Camellia & Rice Bran
We are having a brand makeover!
The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2011
BOTTOM DREAM BABY NAPPY BALM in The Green Parent Magazine
Our Hair & Scalp Oil in the Mail on Sunday, April 2011
NEW Rhassoul FACE MASK - deep cleansing & pore refining
More choices for your lips
African Black Soap Supply Issues
Christmas Orders & Delays
Our Product Brochure is Ready
INIKA 100% Natural & Organic MINERAL COSMETICS
100% Natural Hair Spray! Horray!
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