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Natural TANNING CREAM with Virgin Shea Butter, Jojoba, Plum Kernel & Vitamin E

Natural self tanner for a healthy looking tan without chemicals

Natural Face & Body Self Tanning CreamThis tanning cream is a light moisturising cream suitable for use on the face & body. It is made with skin nourishing virgin shea butter, jojoba & plum kernel oil and is enriched and preserved with natural vitamin E. It contains no parabens or other chemical preservatives. We've added a naturally derived ingredient - DHA - which reacts safely with the upper layers of the skin making them produce melanin to give you a light colour change. One application gives a light natural colour change for up to a week. Daily applications for a few days give a much deeper colour.

With a subtle scent of palmarosa, lavender & rosewood, the tanning cream is suitable for both women & men.

Absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING (cream & ingredients!)

Our tanning cream was tested on a number of gorgeous volunteers, who wanted a natural looking tan without exposure to the sun or the dreaded sun bed. Our volunteers ranged from complete novices in self-tanning to self-tan veterans, and they all agreed the cream was very easy to put on, it was quickly and easily absorbed and they could get dressed pretty much straight away, and their colour looked very realistic and non-streaky*.

(*Our novice forgot the wash her hands afterwards and ended up with lovely looking legs, arms and face, but not so nice looking palms! So please read the instructions on the label!).

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