Handmade Purely from Nature Derived Ingredients, No Parabens, No harsh detergents, No petrochemicals Handmade Naturals, Pure Skin & Hair Care


A selection of naturally scented baby shampoo, body wash & bath gels, which are made by hand without SLS, SLES, harsh synthetic foaming agents, perfume, chemicals, toxins & preservatives.

  • Foaming Childrens Body & handwash

    100% Natural SLS & Paraben Free FOAMING CHILDRENS BODY & HANDWASH

    A gentle formula in a self-foaming bottle.

    • • Completely free from Parabens, Preservatives, Colours or artificial Fragrance.
    • • Scented with pure orange & mandarin oils
    • • Can be used as a handwash or foamy body wash

    200 ml

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  • Mandarin & Organic Chamomile Baby Wash & Bath Gel

    100% Natural SLS & Paraben Free BABY WASH & BATH GEL with Organic Aloe Vera

    If you wish to avoid commercial baby products made using harsh detergents, this natural handmade baby body wash is the perfect natural alternative.

    • • Completely free from Parabens, Preservatives, Colours or artificial Fragrance.
    • • Use as a body wash or bath gel.
    • • Scented with pure essential oils to relax little ones at bed time

    250 ml

    Choose from:

    • Mandarin & Organic Chamomile • Lavender & Organic Chamomile
  • Natural Baby Shampoo

    100% Natural SLS & Paraben Free BABY SHAMPOO with Organic Aloe Vera, Virgin Coconut & Jojoba Oil

    If you wish to avoid commercial baby shampoos made using harsh detergents, parabens and artificial fragrance, this handmade baby shampoo is the perfect natural alternative.

    • • Completely free from Parabens, Preservatives, Colours or artificial Fragrance.
    • • Gentle on baby's scalp and growing hair
    • • Enriched with organic aloe vera and herbal extracts of chamomile & nettle.
    • • Can help remove cradle cap
    • • Gently scented with pure essential oils of Lavender & Organic Chamomile

    250 ml

    Ingredients: water, coco glucoside, organic aloe vera, glycerine, glyceryl oleate, apple cider vinegar, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, nettle, chamomile, vitamin e, xanthan gum, ssential oils

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Handmade Naturals baby wash care range has been developed with a gentle sugar derived detergent, coco glucoside, which is very mild, non-irritating, non-drying and hypo-alergenic to sensitive skin. We do not use SLS, SLES, Cocamidopropyl Betain, Ammonium laureth sulphate or other foaming agents, found even in some organic skin care. Our liquid African Black Soap is formulated only with organic rose water and fair trade pure african black soap (made of saponified virgin shea butter and palm kernel oil) and is one of the purest soaps to wash your baby's hair and body with.


Handmade Naturals baby bath & wash products have have been thickened by xanthan gum, a natural and completely safe to even eat thickener, found in many healthy food products. No other thickening, viscosity improving and colouring ingredients have been added to the range. Our liquid African Black Soap has no added thickeners.


Although our natural baby wash & shampoo products are not fragrance free, they have been scented by pure essential oils, which not only have a fresh natural fragrance but also have therapeutic properties. The essential oils used for the baby care range are lavender, chamomile and mandarin, all completely safe to use on children and babies from birth.


Some of our baby wash & bath gels have been enriched with the moisturising properties of Organic Aloe Vera and most have added naturally sourced vitamin E for its skin benefitial and antioxidant properties. Our liquid African Black Soap is naturally mild and moisturising, with a high content of natural glycerine, and is recommended for anyone with dry and eczema prone skin.

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