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*Pure ROSE GERANIUM Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens) 10 ml

Price: £4.95

As one of the few oils with the ability to both uplift and sedate, trust this pure geranium essential oil to come to the rescue for all your emotional concerns

Geranium essential oil makes a lovely bathtime treat & acts as a natural anti-depressant & relaxant after a stressful day. It is great for nervous tension, panic attacks & palpatations.

Geranium is also a hormone-balancing oil. The perfect oil for any woman, as it is great for menopausal problems, PMT & mood swings. It is also very beneficial for men who have prostate problems & other hormonal imbalances.

Geranium is a naturally anti inflammatory, anti-microbial & mildly astringent oil. It helps to drain the lymph & prevent a bulid up of cellulite, by encouraging the skins own micro circulation.

Blends perfectly with lavender, frankincense & chamomile. Suitable for both adults and children.

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