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Organic BABY FLOWER WASH with Chamomile & Rosa Damascena - 100 ML

Price: £6.50

100% Natural & Pure Flower Water Wash for your Baby. A blend of organic chamomile and rose waters to gently care for your baby's delicate skin

<> Pure flower waters
<> Nothing added, nothing taken away
<> Naturally calming for skin irritations
<> Great for nappy rash, heat rash or just to cleanse your baby's face

Simply moisten a cotton wool ball and wipe your baby's face, irritated patches of skin or use at nappy changes instead of plain water or the chemically preserved baby wipes.

Ingredients: distilled organic chamomile, distilled organic rosa damascena, and nothing else.

100 ml blue bottle with flip cap

Customer Feedback:

The Baby Flower Wash is indeed perfect for cleaning Lucie's face (2 months+). In two applications, I've noticed an improvement in her eyebrows (still a bit of stubborn flakiness) and on her cheeks where she had some teeny tiny red spots. Her face is definitely smoother and I think the little spots are beginning to subside...Julie, Yorkshire

The flower wash is great on slight nappy rash and I've also used it on my 3 week old son to wash his face. Lovely products!...Joce, Cheshire

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