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ROOIBOS, HONEYBUSH & RED GINSENG TEA – for a caffeine-free lift.

Formerly known as MORNIGN TIME, this is a balancing blend of revitalising and invigorating herbs chosen to provide a delicious full flavoured morning brew to uplift and gently ease you into the day. This exciting infusion intermingles traditionally revered herbs from across the globe.

Rooibos leaf: We only select the superior and highest quality grade of this flavoursome, earthy leaf. Native to Africa, our Fairtrade certified rooibos (also known as red bush)
is packed with potent antioxidants and essential minerals, providing a healthful and caffeine-free alternative to your morning brew. Lightly oxidised to create its full-bodied
flavour it is low in tannins and gives you a delicious start to your day.

Honeybush leaf: This mildly sweet and refreshing cousin of rooibos has a delicious honey aroma and is similarly packed with valuable antioxidants. Traditionally used to treat
coughs due to its ability to clear mucus from the respiratory tract and more recently to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Our honeybush leaf is carefully sun-dried to preserve its health-giving benefits and to optimise its delicate flavour.

Licorice root: This delicious sweet root is full of health giving properties. It was used by Buddhist monks to enhance clarity during meditation whilst in Ayurveda it is renowned for strengthening the nervous system and the intellectual quality of the brain. Licorice rejuvenates the mind and enables the body to adapt to stress.

Maca root: Steeped in Peruvian tradition this delicious, nutritious, bitter-sweet root is hand picked and roasted for a rich, robust flavour to kick-start your morning. We only use the finest black variety of maca root celebrated for its ability to increase energy and libido. Maca, referred to as Peruvian ginseng, provides a potent synergistic partner to our red ginseng root.

Red Ginseng root: We use the root of this potent, tonic herb to gently stimulate your body and “pick you up” ready for the day. The most famous adaptogenic herb and renowned phrodisiac red ginseng, promotes vitality and is famed for its ability to increase the body’s resistance to stress, encouraging endurance and longevity. Its Latin name ‘Panax’ means ‘panacea’ or ‘heal-all’ due to its supportive and powerful effects on the whole body.


Pack of 20 individually wrapped tea bags

.... Organic .... Caffeine free .... Vegetarian .... Vegan
.... Wheat free .... Gluten free .... Dairy free .... Soya free
.... Nut free .... Kosher

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