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Organic Green Tulsi, Purple Tulsi & Lemon Tulsi leaves to uplift and restore.

An aromatic blend of three varieties of Tulsi to uplift and restore your spirits. In Ayurveda Tulsi or Holy Basil is considered to be a sacred plant used to open the heart and mind enhancing clarity and awareness. A little bit about Tulsi
We have brought together three varieties of this precious, aromatic herb to create a fresh and zesty blend. Deeply rooted in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian culture this revered leaf is also known as Holy Basil, and has been used to support the immune system and improve the body’s response to physical and mental challenges. It was traditionally sipped as a hot tea to reduce fevers by encouraging perspiration and clearing toxins. Tulsi is rich in antioxidants famed for their anti-ageing properties by protecting the body’s cells from damage. This warming synergistic blend is renowned for increasing prana, the vital life force, uplifting your spirits and allowing deeper,
nourishing breathing.

Green Tulsi leaf: Green or Rama Tulsi is considered to increase our digestive fire, picking up sluggish digestions and removing stagnation. Its warming, calming qualities reduce spasm in the gut soothing irritable digestions aggravated by stress.

Purple Tulsi leaf: Robust and strong Purple or Krishna Tulsi is valued for clearing toxins with a particular affinity for the head. Tulsi has been used traditionally to alleviate tension and congestion headaches by increasing our ability to cope with stress and clear mucus from the body.

Lemon Tulsi leaf: Delicate, delicious Lemon or Vana Tulsi provides a subtle zesty twist to this robust infusion. Refreshing and light, Vana Tulsi is named after a sacred forest in which Lord Krishna was reputed to have lived.


Pack of 20 individually wrapped tea bags

.... Organic .... Caffeine free .... Vegetarian .... Vegan
.... Wheat free .... Gluten free .... Dairy free .... Soya free
.... Nut free .... Kosher

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