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Organic lemongrass & ginger tea

A delightfully fresh and uplifting tonic to awaken the senses.
Lemongrass: Deliciously aromatic, this fragrant grass showers the senses with a flavour reminiscent of lemon sherbet. Its citrusy zing brings clarity to your mind and wakes you up.

Ginger root: Warming and stimulating ginger lends a subtle spicy tang whilst encouraging a healthy circulation that revitalises the body and brain.

Licorice root: Famed for enhancing clarity during meditation practices by Buddhist monks this delicious sweet tonic root supports, nourishes and balances the entire
system. Renowned in Ayurveda for strengthening the nervous system and the intellectual quality of your brain, licorice actually rejuvenates your mind.

Lemon verbena leaf: Delicate and refreshing, this calming lemon scented leaf is soothing and balancing to the nerves, reputed for settling digestive complaints.

Lemongrass extract: A double dose of mouth-watering lemongrass to tantalise the taste buds with zesty fresh flavour. Aromatic constituents citral and limonene gently
stimulate the mind into an alert and awake state.


Pack of 20 individually wrapped tea bags

.... Organic .... Caffeine free .... Vegetarian .... Vegan
.... Wheat free .... Gluten free .... Dairy free .... Soya free
.... Nut free .... Kosher

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