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WOMANKIND (ex Harmonise tea) Organic rose, hibiscus & sweet vanilla tea.

A flowery blend to help nourish and balance women’s health.

Shatavari root: Shatavari means ‘she who has 100 husbands’ implying its strengthening qualities. This sweet rooted member of the asparagus family is a wonderful women’s tonic.

Hibiscus flower: The beautiful rosy red hibiscus flower is refreshingly sour and is famed for soothing the blood and benefiting women’s health.

Rose flower: So soothing to smell and so joyful to see. The rose is a wonderful calming flower for the heart.

Licorice root: Sweet and strong, licorice softens everything it touches.

Chamomile flower: These yellow flowers are wonderfully calming.

Vanilla pod: These delicious fruit pods that come from a member of the exotic orchid family are a special soothing herb, one smell of which can harmonise everything.


Pack of 20 individually wrapped tea bags

.... Organic .... Caffeine free .... Vegetarian .... Vegan
.... Wheat free .... Gluten free .... Dairy free .... Soya free
.... Nut free .... Kosher

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