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LOVE Organic rose, chamomile & lavender tea

A loving blend of delicious flowers created to help warm your heart.

Chamomile flower: This world famous yellow flower contains sweet essential oils that soothe the nerves. It contains lots of calcium that feeds the nervous system. When we are stressed this system is taxed; chamomile can play a part in balancing some of this pressure on the nervous system. It is also a renowned digestive calming herb that alleviates cramps
and spasms.

Lime flower: The delicious flowers of this enormous tree are renowned for their calming and soothing effect.

Elderflower: Very good at clearing mucus from the chest this can help reduce any obstruction to clear thinking and honest feeling.

Marigold petal: The mother of all healing plants! Known as calendula, as they flower for a full calendar year, they bring joy and colour wherever they are.

Licorice root:> Sweet and calming, it is used in Ayurveda to enhance feelings of love and compassion.

Rose flower: The ultimate love flower. It has a special affinity for the heart and circulation easing any tension and helping you to feel nurtured.

Lavender flower: Just smelling lavender cheers your heart, eases any pain and makes you feel relaxed. Lavender is very effective for clearing stagnation in the chest and releasing any emotional tension.


Pack of 20 individually wrapped tea bags

.... Organic .... Caffeine free .... Vegetarian .... Vegan
.... Wheat free .... Gluten free .... Dairy free .... Soya free
.... Nut free .... Kosher

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