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ARNICA MASSAGE OIL for sprains, bruises, swellings & muscular pain (Unscented) - 125 ML

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A herbal infusion of the herb Arnica for skin massage.

Arnica Montana is a herb popular throughout Europe and is renowned for its ability to relieve muscular pain, reduce swellings and minimise bruises.

It is an excellent massage oil for injured muscles as it helps to minimize bruising and to relax tensed muscles.

Apply oil externally to the affected area 2-3 times daily and massage gently until fully absorbed.

Do not use during pregnancy.
Do not apply on broken skin and wounds.
Do not use for extended periods of time.

Consult a professional if condition worsens or there is no improvement within a few days.

Not for internal consumption.

Unscented with essential oils.

PLEASE NOTE although we strain the infused oil through muslin a number of times before pouring into bottles, there may still be small bits of the flowers suspended in the oil. This does not affect its quality or effectiveness by any means.

Ingredients: (arnica cordifolia helianthus anuus)

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