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Pure Cold Pressed Skin & Hair Rejuvenating (Unscented) MORINGA OIL

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Packed with Phyto-Nutrients, Amino Acids and Anti-oxidants, cold-pressed Moringa is a fabulous skin and hair conditioner.

Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree, a fast growing leafy tree species native to the Himalayas .

It is a thick and fatty oil, that helps maintain cell's elasticity and retain moisture.

It is readily absorbed by the skin and is especially good to use for mature and dry skin and skin which has difficulty retaining its moisture .

Cold pressed unrefined moringa oil is green in colour and solidifies easily at cool room temperatures (below 18C). If the bottle is placed in a cup of tap hot water for a few minutes it easily returns to liquid state, but it can be used as it is too, any solid bits will soon melt from the body heat. Cold pressed moringa oil has a natural nutty/seedy scent, it personally reminds of me tahini.

Can be used neat, or if you prefer you can mix with other oils.

Use as a facial moisturiser or pre-wash hair conditioner.

Unscented with essential oils but we are happy to add some if you desire (just email us straight after you place your order) or you can do that easily at home with your favourite oil.

Size : 50 ML BLUE PET bottle with flip cap

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