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*Pure SWEET ORANGE Essential Oil (Citrus Sinensis) 10 ml

Price: £4.25

Refreshing & stimulating, our pure sweet orange oil is a an extremely versatile oil

Sweet orange is an uplifting oil that works as an antidepressant and stress reliever. It also improves concentration.

Sweet orange is highly effective at cleansing & detoxifying the body and is helpful in the elimination of excess fluids & toxins.

The oil is widely used in skin & hair care products. You can add orange oil to jojoba oil following the dilution instructions on the label and use as a simple but effective facial cleanser.

Great to add to your or your children's bath or to give a fresh fragrance to your clothes (in the airing cupboard or thumble drier). I also add 4-5 drops of that or other oils to the inside of the toilet roll so there is no need for synthetic air fresheners.

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