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VIRGIN ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER with Jojoba, Organic Calendula & Chamomile (for Eczema, Rashes & Dry Skin) - 60 ML

Price: £8.75

Pure virgin organic Shea Butter (80%) blended with balancing Golden Jojoba, calming Calendula & healing organic Chamomile

Packed with vitamins A, E & F, virgin unrefined shea butter is the African treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, itching, insect bites & skin blemishes.
Enriched with Calendula for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
With Jojoba oil to help regulate oil (sebum) production of the skin glands
Organic Chamomile calms skin irritations and is recommended for sensitive skins
A versatile body moisturiser for anyone with dry skin
Heals and smoothes cracked heels
Calms allergy rashes on the skin
Recommended for eczema and psoriasis
Absolutely no chemicals, preservatives and artificial additives

The Virgin Shea Butter Blend is a rich butter, you will only need a small amount at a time. It is a little hard to start off with, but if you let a small amount stay in the palm of your hand, it will melt quickly and you can then apply it to the skin. Please keep cool & away from direct sunlight, as warm temperature can make this product melt. Best not ordered during spells of hot weather as we are not able to protect during transit.

60 ml glass jar
Other sizes available in the Body Butters Section

Ingredients: virgin organic shea butter (butyrospermun parkii), organic calendula oil (calendula officinalis), golden jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), organic chamomile essential oil (matricaria chamomilla) .

Customer Feedback:

...I've totally fallen in love with the pure Shea Butter... After you said you were thinking of doing a Minty Shea Butter to replace the Foot Cream, I decided to try it on my feet instead. Wow! I've had a fantastic result. My feet had gotten rather neglected and dry because I couldn't reach them in the late stages of pregnancy and now the baby is here I don't have much time to religiously exfoliate. I'd been slapping on all sorts of lotions and creams I've had laying around with no success. My feed had gotten so horrible, I began wearing socks to bed so my husband wouldn't accidentally brush up against them and it was putting me off trying on new shoes the few times I'd gone out shopping. One day of wearing a liberal application of the shea butter under cotton socks has made a HUGE difference. I'll definitely be ordering the large size very soon and look forward to buying some new shoes to celebrate the return of my soft feet :) ... Julie, South Yorkshire

I think your shea butter is magic - I used it on my son's fever rash and I could not believe that the rash disappeared overnight. It has done wonders every time I've used it. I have purchased shea butter creams before, but yours not only moisturises, it heals too. Thank you for such a great product!
Jean, Hampshire

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