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Unscented HAND & BODY LOTION with Almond, Plum Kernel & Virgin Cocoa Butter (THE JANEY LOVES PLATINUM AWARDS 2019 WINNER)

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Light & easily absorbed hand & body lotion, handmade from Virgin Cocoa Butter, pure Sweet Almond & Plum kernel oils

Excellent for moisturising hands without leaving them greasy
As a body moisturiser, the lotion soaks in very quickly, perfect for those rushed mornings...
No petrolatum, chemical or synthetic ingredients
No essential oils - suitable for those with sensitive skin, as well as babies & children

What's Inside

Sweet Almond oil helps to relieve itchiness & soreness of the skin. Naturally rich in proteins, glucosides, oleic and linoleic acid, minerals including copper and iron, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E, almond oil is particularly helpful for dry, sensitive skins, eczema, itching, soreness and inflammation. It is also a fantastic moisturiser for brittle nails.
Plum Kernel oil is a lovely fragrant oil with a delicious almondy-marzipani scent, which acts as a super emollient & regenerator for damaged skins. It's a rare oil packed with nutrients & vitamins.
Virgin Cocoa Butter has been used for centuries as an important skin care ingredient, because of its antioxidant properties & high vitamin E content. Amongst vital vitamins, cocoa butter also contains the polyphenol CMP - which has been found to suppress active oxygen, a factor in cancer, and to inhibit the production of an immuno globulin that exacerbates topical dermatitis.

Pregnancy Suitability: Safe

Available in 2 sizes:

100 ML plastic airless pump tube
250 ML plastic (recyclable) bottle with disc cap

(The smaller size is perfect for your handbag or if you travel a lot!)

Ingredients: purified water, sweet almond oil, plum kernel oil, emulsifying wax, virgin cocoa butter, glycerine, aspen bark extract, vitamin E.

Customer Feedback:

Your unscented hand & body lotion, along with your African black soap shower gel, has completely changed my life. I worked out a short while back, with the help of your site, that I was allergic to the emollients prescribed by my doctor. I ordered your products and I've never looked back. Gone is the misery of constant, crawling itching all over my body and the nasty patches of eczema and dermatitis that I just couldn't shift. My skin feels and looks completely different, taken on a texture I'd forgotten it ever had. Thank you so very much for your expertise. But the reason I'm mailing is to beg and plead with you to do the unscented hand and body lotion in a bigger size. My black soap lasts for ages, but I get through the lotion so quickly. Please pretty please make a bigger one! Thank you again for your amazing stuff. You rock :) ... Luci, Guildford

The Unscented Hand & Body Lotion is rich but not greasy & the moisturising effect lasts a long time. The cream glides on beautifully leaving my skin feeling as smooth as velvet...Pam, Pembrokeshire

Just wanted to let you know - hand/body lotion is WONDERFUL!!!!! The description states that it's not greasy, but I was very surprised that there was no residue whatsoever after just couple of minutes! It absorbed wonderfully and I was able to touch food and type on the computer almost straight away! This cream is now on my desk at work and I'm totally addicted to it. With this cream I don't have to 'set some time aside' to pamper my hands - I can really do it 'on the go'! - So I'm really pleased!...Inna, Bucks

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