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LOOFAH BODY PAD - Pure Round Egyptian Loofah & Cotton Pad For Gentle Skin Exfoliation

Price: £4.50

Round Loofah Pad for Active Body Skin Care

This round loofah pad is backed with pure soft Egyptian cotton.

Pure cotton edging, so no rough loofah edges to scratch the skin.

For ease of use, the pad has a hand strap to put your fingers in & a loop for hanging to dry.

Both sides can be used when the elasticated body strap is reversed.

Ideal for use on the body.

Use the pad once a week or whenever you feel your skin's feeling a little rough. Just a few drops of your shower gel or soap will make it glide easier on the skin. Just rinse & hang to dry after use.

Perfect before applying self-tan products!

15 cm round shape

Customer Feedback:

I thought the loofah pad may be a bit too hard and rough on the skin, but thought I'd give it a go anyway. And I can't tell you how much I like it! I no longer need any exfoliating body washes or salts, which just leave a mess in my bath, a bit of shower gel on the loofah is all one needs...Eileen, Isle of Man

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