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FACIAL LOOFAH PAD - Pure Egyptian Loofah for Gentle Skin Exfoliation

Price: £2.95

ROUND Loofah Pads for Active Facial Skin Care

This round loofah pad is backed with pure soft Egyptian cotton.

For ease of use, the pad has a hand strap to put your fingers in & a loop for hanging to dry.

Pure cotton edging, so no rough loofah edges to scratch the skin.

Both sides can be used when the elasticated strap is reversed.

The facial loofah pad removes dead skin cells & encourages blood circulation.

Ideal for use on the face.

Use the pad once a week or whenever you feel your skin's feeling a little rough.

Just rinse & hang to dry after use.

10 cm round shape

1 pad supplied (the picture shows both sides of the pad)


This is another new favourite of mine! I have never been keen on using exfoliating face washes, as these always used to break me out in spots. Until recently, fine oatmeal was how I exfoliated my skin. But since I've discovered these loofah pads, I've said goodbuy to the mess in the sink and my skin has never been so silky smooth. Don't be scared thinking 'loofah for my face!?'. When you wet the pad, it does become soft, apply a few drops of liquid soap and all you need to do is just gently glide over the skin.

Customer Feedback:

The facial loofah is gentle yet effective in exfoliating and renewing the surface of my skin ...Cherish, London

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