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DETOXIFYING MASK PACK ( Sundried Green Clay & Rose Water) - All Skin Types

Price: £9.50

A superb face mask of pure sundried green clay to draw out toxins from the skin

The mask will clean, exfoliate and smooth the skin of your face with just one 5-10 minute treatment.

Perfect for breakouts or if your skin looks like it could do with a little TLC.

Sundried green clay has remarkable healing powers. It has the ability to draw out toxins from under the skin.

Green clay is ideal for anyone with sensitive or problem skin or any complexion in need of some attention.

Pack contains:
1 x 100 ml plastic jar of Green Clay
1 x 100 ml blue bottle of Pure Rose Otto flower water

Perfect to make fresh as you need it!

Customer Feedback:

Dear Rossi, Just a quick note to say thank you very much and please keep up the good work! Your range is by far the best I have ever used, and having had problem skin for many years I have tried pretty much everything going. The difference you feel from using your natural products is instantly noticable after years of working my way through the rubbish available on the high street. My skin has been looking healthier by the day and I now swear by your balancing face cream, green clay masks, and manuka foaming face wash. I've always wondered why using the popular skin care brands has never improved my skin despite their extensive promises of impressive results, but only after coming across your website did I really realise my mistake! I've now banished all those products from my home and am telling all my friends about handmade naturals. As long as you're still mixing up those yummy potions I will be buying them! Many thanks! x ... Charley, Hampshire

The face pack was just marvellous! The scent of the Rose Otto was heavenly. So light and delicately fragrant. Wonderful! It left my skin leaving smooth and silky. It brings back memories of when I used to use Fuller's Earth and rose water in my college days. I can't remember the last time I used a face pack. It must be years!...Jannah, Wiltshire

My skin was glowing and radiant after only one treatment with this mask. I hardly get any breakouts, I use it once or twice a month. It is worth scaring the children! Janice, York

Rossi, many thanks for my gooddies! Arrived safely!... Already tried the green clay - very nice! My skin felt very revitalized after that! And it was fine on my sensitive skin, i didn't have any burning sensations. I once bought a clay mask and I felt my skin was 'burning' and when I washed it off, my skin was red. But yours was very nice! I didn't even have to 'powder my nose' after this mask, in fact my skin type now i think rather 'normal' than 'oily'! I'm so impressed!...Inna, Bucks

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